About me

Boasting over 15 years in the technology industry, I am an adept Systems & Cloud Engineer with a profound grasp of infrastructure automation, code migration, configuration management, and system administration. I have honed my expertise while working at Internet Service Provider companies. My experience encapsulates managing large environments and orchestrating enterprise infrastructure on platforms such as VMware, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Kubernetes.

Specialising in infrastructure as code and deployment automation, I carry a solid record of establishing robust, scalable, and resilient cloud infrastructure. My Kubernetes experience has further enabled me to architect and manage containerised applications, enhancing the scalability and efficiency of cloud deployments.

As a seasoned technical expert, I bring a bounty of experience and knowledge. I am devoted to keeping pace with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the industry. Fueled by my passion for automation, infrastructure design, and DevOps, I provide considerable value to organisations striving to optimise their technology operations and spearhead growth and prosperity.