cPanel müşteri arayüzü iphone ve ipad uygulaması

cPanel müşteri arayüzü iphone ve ipad uygulaması çıktı.

CP Control Panel 1.1
If you have a web site with a hosting provider who uses cPanel® as their hosting control panel, then you can use this App to easily manage your account, files, features, etc.This application has a built-in FTP client that allows you to manage files and folders, much better than the original CPanel on web. You can remove unwanted files, even if your account is over quota.

●●● NOTE ●●●
This application connects directly to your own hosting server. No proxy or 3rd-party connection or service provider involved. Your login information will be transmitted to your own hosting server. It will not go through us.

Some features of this application are:

★ Multi Profile
You can save access information of multiple sites and login with just one tap.

★ View Account Information
All information regarding your account and the hosting server. Including disk usage, bandwidth usage, IP address, server name, PHP version etc.

★ Main tasks
☼ Change Password
☼ Update Contact Information
☼ Contact your hosting provider

★ Email
☼ Manage mail boxes (create, delete, change password and quota)
☼ Manage Forwarders (create and delete both email forwarders and domain forwarders)
☼ Manage Default (catch-all) address on all main, sub, park and addon domains
☼ Manage auto responders (create, delete and modify)

★ FTP Accounts
☼ Manage existing FTP accounts or create new ones. Also you can change password and quota of an FTP account.

★ File Manager
A full FTP client with PASV option and ability to:
☼ Create new files and folders
☼ Change permission of files and folders
☼ Delete files and empty folders
☼ Password Protect folders
☼ Rename/Move files and folders
☼ View files as text
☼ View a file in browser
☼ Edit file as text
☼ View Images

★ Backup Manager
☼ Schedule new full backups to Home, FTP, SFTP or SCP
☼ List of current full backups on server
☼ Delete unwanted backups

★ Domains
☼ Manage Sub Domains
☼ Manage Park Domains
☼ Manage Addon Domains

☼ Manage DNS record (A, MX, CNAME, TXT)
☼ Add new DNS records
☼ Modify current DNS records

★ MySQL Databases
☼ Manage Databases
☼ Manage MySQL users
☼ Assign users to databases or change their permissions
☼ Manage remotely accessed hosts
☼ phpMyAdmin

★ Stats and Logs
☼ AWStats
☼ Webalizer
☼ Latest Visitors

★ Other features
☼ IP Deny Manager, Allows you to block one or a range of IP addresses.
☼ Manage Cron Jobs, tasks that will be run at a certain time or specific interval.

◄ FeedBack ►
If you need a specific feature to be added, please write us a few lines using Feedback form in application or post comment at

cPanel® is a registered trademark of cPanel® Inc. This application has been developed by a third party developer and is not endorsed, tested, associated or affiliated with cPanel® Inc.

What’s new in version 1.1
★ Bugs and Fixes
☼ Fixed a bug related to UTF-8 encoding of some servers. Clients on those servers could not login properly. Thanks to David Zepeda for sharing information.
☼ Fixed a bug in password fields.
☼ New Icon, name and splash to comply with cPanel copyright roles.
☼ Fixed performance issues on slower devices.★ New Features
☼ Backup management system
☼ DNS records and zones with ability to add/remove/edit records
☼ phpMyAdmin
☼ AWStats
☼ Webalizer
☼ Latest Visitors

TODO: For next release

► Each profile will have a descriptive name for better recognition – Done on 1.2
► Profile items can be sorted and reordered – Done on 1.2
► Profile items can be orginized into different groups – Done on 1.2
► Optional protection of login with a master 4 digits pin code – Done on 1.2
► Domain Redirect – Not possible due to lack of support function in cPanel API
► Export the entire profile as a CSV file by email – Done on 1.2
► Import profile data from a URL – Done on 1.2
► Line numbers in text/html editor – Done on 1.2

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